Commercial Solar Array IV Curve Testing

PROFESSIONAL I-V Curve & PV Performance Verification For Solar Farms and Commercial Rooftop Systems

Our team of engineers use the most accurate and latest equipment when commissioning or testing.

I-V curve testing is the preferred method for commissioning, O&M, and troubleshooting of PV arrays because it provides the most complete and accurate performance measurement possible.

For each string, we can measures the I-V (current vs. voltage) and P-V (power vs. voltage) curves.

The measured results are compared to the expected performance, taking into account the irradiance and module cell temperature at the time of the I-V measurement.

Mega Watt Power can provide unprecedented measurement throughput and accuracy while delivering deep insight into the performance of your arrays.

Solmetric PVA 600 & 1000 IV Curve Tracer

For residential and commercial solar systems

Solmetric PVA 1500- 30Amp IV Curve Tracer

Commercial & Utility Scale Solar Farms

Residential Solar Panel Systems

Solar Panel Testing & Cleaning

Making sure your Solar panels are producing at maximum efficiency

Testing solar panels is often overlooked as an unnecessary procedure. At Mega Watt Power, we understand the value of ensuring your solar panels are producing at their maximum energy output.

Our technicians are equipped with all the accredited and calibrated equipment to confirm the efficiency of your solar panels.

We can identify which panels are not operating at their maximum performance and pinpoint panels that may have fault issues. If you suspect that your solar panels aren’t generating as much electricity as they should—solar array testing can diagnose the issue in no time!

Most grid connected inverters have an alarm which appears as an earth leakage. This can be triggered due to one of the cables being chewed by birds or animals. this alarm can also appear due to the connectors that link the panels together failing.

These are just a few factors that can contribute to the decrease in energy efficiency from your solar system.

As it is sometimes very hard to see under the panels it is faster to test the array with special equipment to verify.

Cleaning solar panels

Best way to clean your solar panels

Please make sure that you NEVER use a high pressure cleaner to clean your panels.

If you live in an area that has a lot of dust/salt spray or sap falling from nearby trees on your solar array it is best to use a soft brush and normal water to clean. If the sap is very heavy then you may need a very mild cleaner to breakdown the sap.

If your panels have a build up of sap on them, you may need to use a biodegradable cleaning product to help break down the sap and to clean the panels.

Corrosive cleaning products should never be used and it is always best to check with your installer to see if they can recommend a cleaning product to use.

After cleaning with any product you will need to make sure the panels have been thoroughly rinsed to remove any residue.

Some people collect the water from their roofs for drinking. When cleaning your panels it is always best to open the down pipes so the water from cleaning does not go into your drinking water.

As you can see from the image above, there is a silicone sealant which is embedded into the aluminium frame.

In some cheaper manufactured solar panels this sealant over time can become brittle and crack and if you use a high presser water cleaner it can push the water in through these cracks to the copper ribbon and bus bar which will then corode and cause hot spots within the panel, then causing them to fail.

The use of a telescopic reach cleaning pole with a soft brush (image bellow) is the best way of cleaning your solar panels. We never recommend that you attempt to get on your roof an do this yourself. It is always best to us a professional solar cleaning company to do this maintenance.

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