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How do you choose the best systems and components?

Best Panels, Best Inverters, every solar company will tell you they are installing the best products, but these are not the only 2 items that go into a great solar system that will deliver what you need year after year.

In conjunction with great experience and the right culture, our team of dedicated engineers and technicians are some of the most savvy and knowledgeable in the Solar Industry.

Using our 30 years of technical knowledge and in house testing facilities we have an added advantage of being able to qualify the products we install for our customers.

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Established in 2005, Ginlong (Solis) is one of the most respected and dependable global string inverter specialists.

Below is a link to a good news story about their latest awards.

1: They control quality assurance through out manufacture by manufacture in their our own plant! — They are not merely an assembly line for various parts sourced from the cheapest suppliers!

2: Solis background and heritage is through designing, engineering and manufacturing extremely robust wind generation turbine and inverter equipment. Strength, durability, and reliability is a must and is found in all of their products!

3: Unlike other inverter manufactures there is no need for them to exaggerate their performance data. The energy efficiency data is based on ordinary operational conditions at > 95% + efficiency and not an unlikely nor unsustainable figure based on an operating situation ideal?

4: The Solis products are engineered to deliver long and reliable service. The design lifetime is > 20 year.

5: Solis is backed by their 10 year warranty for single phase inverters with options for 8 year premium or 10 year optimum warranty periods.

6: Designed for functionality yet has a contemporary finish so that it does not become an unsightly and dominant feature when installed on your home.

7: WiFi Monitoring is made easy with the DLS wiFi stick. View your energy production via your computer, phone or tablet. You will also receive alarms when the inverter has stopped working so you can manage any downtime that maybe occur either by a line outage or storm damage.


Canadian Solar is both a global leading manufacturer of solar PV modules and a provider of solar energy solutions, with over 12,000 employees globally. With state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Canada, China, Brazil and South East Asian countries, Canadian Solar now has around 9 GW module manufacturing capacity and has delivered more than 29 GW of premium quality solar modules to customers in over 150 countries in the past 17 years.

In 2017, Canadian Solar achieved a revenue of US$3.39 billion, ranking No. 3 among all global solar companies.

Meanwhile, Canadian Solar was listed as the Number 1 Company in Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s Tier 1 Module Manufacturers ranking in terms of bankability for Q2 2018, and was named as Top 3 Global Utility-scale Solar PV Project Developer for 2017 by GTM Research.

Canadian Solar is making the difference by delivering more clean, safe and affordable solar energy to the world.

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