Off-Grid Solar Power Systems

How to choose the correct size system

Off-grid solar systems are mainly installed to homes that are not connected to the main grid at all which is more common for remote or regional areas.

We are being asked more an more from people who are connected to the grid to also provide quotes for these systems.

Off Grid solar power systems are sized, designed and use different components than what is being used in a standard grid connected hybrid solar power system.

For a costume to transition from mains power to full off grid it requires a greater understanding of the current energy loads used.

Not all companies have the expertise or understand how to design a full off grid system if the customer wants to transition from mains power to full off grid.

Our experienced team of designers who have over 30 years experience will design a system that will suit the usable kWhours required for your electricity loads.

Our team can design a very small systems for a cabin or shed to very large systems for commercial use.

We have also designed a pre build system which is tested in our workshop under load before we install on site which makes installation quick. Our cabinets are designed to enhance the life expectancy of the electronics and equipment and easy maintenance for the customer.

Off-grid solar systems consist of:

Batteries for off grid systems are still very expensive. It is vital that the owner of the system understands the limitations and is able to adjust their energy consumption to suit the the usable kWhours that have been are available from the batteries.