Jobs at Mega Watt Power

We are always interested in hearing from people who feel they will bring skills, vitality, hard work and enthusiasm to Mega Watt Power. Below are some positions available right now, but regardless of what is listed, we are always open to receiving your CV or Resume. “You’ll never know, if you never have a go” 

You can send to: with the subject “Job Applications – MWP Website”

Please note, when you send a CV, and we’ve never met you before in person, through the CV you send, we are trying to connect with you as a person, to understand who you are, and where in our team you might have the big impact that we are looking for. Therefore, we highly recommend that in addition to the places you have worked, and the experience you have accumulated, please consider including in your CV:

  • Your education history, including high school and non-related qualifications
  • A small profile pic
  • Date of Birth
  • And please……no gaps in your timeline. If there are gaps, we prefer to understand why, even if it was a sabbatical to wander through the jungles of New Guinea, which would actually be pretty cool and quite interesting to us 


Electrician – Solar Farm FIFO
Australia Wide

This job is available right now for our solar farm operations and includes repairs, commissioning, retrofits, inverters, transformers, DC, LV, HV, SCADA, and all manner of interesting work. 

MWP Inverter commissioning at Kiamal Solar Farm 2020

Electrician – Solar

Coffs Harbour, NSW

This job is available right now and includes everything to do with off-grid, hybrid, rooftop solar, batteries, residential commercial, government, monitoring, servicing, you name it. Coffs is paradise, if there is a better and more safe place on this planet, we would surprised. A great job in a great place, working for a great company. Contact us now to enquire.

An MWP commercial installation. I told you we live in paradise!

Electronics Technician

Coffs Harbour, NSW

This job includes component level repairs to everything solar and renewables. We are one of the few companies with the capability and interest to actually repair stuff. That’s probably because our company is owned by a Boomer and that’s what used to be done in the olden days, repair stuff, not chuck it out….sorry Millennials 🙂 Seriously though, nobody likes creating landfill and over the past 35 years, we have prevented tens of thousands of inverters, charge controllers, and all manner of electronic gadgets, systems and parts from being prematurely sent to local rubbish tips around Australia. If you are an excellent electronics service technician, why not continue this important work with us and send your CV to the above email address.

An MWP electronics technician at work (Actually it’s me, Peter Bulanyi 🙂 and that’s a real repair not a pose pic. I’m the owner of Mega Watt Power and my lifelong passion is electronics and solar power)