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Solar inverter repairs in Coffs Harbour

Your grid inverter is the brains of your solar power system. To successfully harness the sun’s energy, your inverter needs to convert the sunlight into usable energy for your home appliances. That’s why it’s paramount that your solar power inverter is working at top speed to ensure you’re saving maximum dollars on your electricity bill. If your inverter breaks down, it’s vital you call us at Mega Watt Power for fast, reliable repairs. We stand by every product we supply and each installation service we provide from our service center in Coffs Harbour. You can always count on our ongoing support for breakdowns and maintenance.

We receive inverters into our service centre from all over Australia and also from the Asia Pacific region for repairs.

Having been repairing inverters for over 30 Years and with all this knowledge our service team are able to quickly diagnose your inverters problems.

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Your solar inverter is an essential part of your solar power system. If you find that your grid inverter isn’t working the way it should, please don’t hesitate to call us immediately—our technicians are experienced at diagnosing and repairing grid inverters and solar power systems.

Overheating is a common problem that can occur when the cooling technology inside the inverter isn’t working efficiently.

Isolation faults are also another common problem that is caused by a short circuit and can be a result of moisture or damage to the cabling or PV module, faulty installation and poor DC cable connection.

At Mega Watt Power, we always take great care with every installation project to ensure your grid inverter operates at optimal performance all year round. Many people forget to check the inverter on a regular schedule only to find that when they receive their electricity bill from their energy retailer that the inverter has developed a fault and has not been operating for a large potion of their new energy bill.

One of our messages to customer is to take some time to understand how your inverter works when it is first installed. Make sure you set up a schedule to regularly check your inverter to makes sure it is working correctly so as not to receive a surprise in any of your electricity bills.

Off-grid Inverter Repairs

Unlike standard grid inverters, off-grid inverters are disconnected from the grid, run on an independent frequency and need to be able to meet the needs of all your home appliances running simultaneously and to adequately cover the surge generated at startup for you appliances and electrical equipment. If your inverter is struggling to keep up with your home appliances, we can help! At Mega Watt Power, our experienced technicians and engineers can repair your off-grid inverter at our fully equipped service centre.
Full Component level repairs available at our service centre located at Coffs Harbour

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Book a FREE solar assessment with our technicians at Megawatt Power today! We’ll come to your home or business in Coffs Harbour to determine how we can help you save money on your power bill by producing your own energy. Our technicians will evaluate your current levels of energy consumption and find ways to develop a cost-effective solution to suit your needs.