Residential Grid Connect Systems

Grid connect solar power systems use an inverter to supply renewable energy directly to your home. If your household is receiving more energy than needed, the grid connect system will feed the surplus energy back in to the main grid. If there isn’t enough sunlight to power your property, you can automatically draw electricity from the main grid to cover the energy loads. Please keep in mind that during a power outage, grid connect systems automatically shut down to protect utility workers from electrocution. A grid connect system consists of:

How does solar power work?

Firstly, the solar panels absorb sunlight which is then converted to energy, this is then fed into your inverter. A solar inverter will then convert the energy into electricity (240V) that’s used to power your home. The excess power that’s generated is then fed back into the main grid.

A common mistake some people make is thinking that because the sun is still shining and the energy that is being converter to power is still available to use in the home if the grid fails during the day.

Unfortunately this is not able to happen due to a built in safety feature in every approved grid connected inverter. The inverter will shut down and sometimes displays an error saying missing grid.

This safety feature is called AS4777. Every inverter that is approved to be installed in Australia has to be tested to make sure it will switch off at a set amount of time. This safety setting is to stop your inverter pushing power back into the grid and risking the death of anyone who is working servicing the power lines. It is very important to make sure that when upgrading or replacing a faulty inverter that it has the AS477 certification as the penalties and dangers for using uncertified equipment are extremely high.

Electricity bills are on the rise—investing in solar energy has never been more affordable!

At Mega Watt Power, our technicians offer an onsite inspection and free quote for your home. We’ll design an individual grid system layout to ensure you receive the maximum energy production from your system to suit your family’s needs.

We supply and install solar power systems, hybrid battery systems, off-grid solar systems and solar water pumping systems. Running your entire household on solar energy is now more affordable than ever with the added benefits of saving greenhouse gas emissions.