Energy Monitoring

Reduce energy consumption with our Energy usage monitors

Quickly pinpoint energy anomalies and charges by keeping track of how much energy your business or home is consuming with our state-of-the-art Australian made Allsolus monitoring system.

Using our AllSolus system we are able to provided accurate energy monitoring diagnostics and reporting for all commercial and residential solar installations.

Use our smaller power usage meter to check appliances.

The Power Usage Meter is fantastic for checking how much money you are spending on your swimming pool pumps energy usage.

Contact us today to find out more about how you can monitor your home and business energy consumption levels.

Commercial Energy Monitoring

Australian designed and made Web-based monitoring

Creating an energy efficient environment at your business is easy with our web-based monitoring system. WiFi enabled, you can access your energy monitor anytime from your smartphone, PC or desktop.

AllSolus has been designed specifically for Australia and provides a comprehensive picture on how you distribute and consume your power.

Having the ability to pinpoint any problems then allows you to adjust your power consumption habits which can go a long way to reducing your electricity use helping you maximise energy efficiency.

Our system also has the ability to accurately display the energy produced and any exported energy from your solar power system. This is critical for any business so you can make sure your investment is accurately covering your required energy needs.

To view how our AllSolus energy management can help please click on the orange button to the right to go to our AllSolus web site.

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Power Usage Meter For Appliances

I am able to display these units so you can understand energy consumption for your appliances.

I will display your appliances electricity cost for the hour,day, week and year.

I will also display the bellow measurements and rates.

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$29.99 In GST and delivery (Australia only)