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Why hybrid solar battery systems are becoming an increasingly popular choice in Australia

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Did you know Australia is now at the forefront of solar energy uptake in the world? As of 2023, there are around 3.4 million solar rooftop installations in use across Australia, putting us as the country with the highest usage rate anywhere in the world (

With copious sunshine hours across the continent and a drive towards sustainable energy solutions, the trend for solar energy has rapidly risen over the past five years in particular. Just last year, solar energy accounted for 9.3 percent of all electricity produced in Australia, a figure up 14.6 percent year on year (2022 vs 2021) (Commbank).

The process of converting sunlight into electricity using PV systems produces zero greenhouse gas emissions, making solar energy one of the few truly renewable global resources. Solar energy can also be produced right where it is required; at home or the workplace for example, making it an accessible solution for even the most remote locations.

Having a battery attached to your solar energy system also enables you to store energy for times when the sun is not available or when there is a greater need for energy. Generally, the times people require more energy is the early evening for cooking, heating water, and using appliances. As such energy companies charge a peak period tariff for this time. Having a battery enables you to use your own stored power to omit the requirement for grid power usage at peak rate charges.

With the financial benefits of being able to minimise peak evening rate charges and the ability to sell any unused stored solar power to the energy grid, there has been a marked increase in solar energy systems with battery storage. An energy solution also known as a Hybrid Solar System. According to the Clean Energy Council’s 2023 Clean Energy report, over 50,000 new battery systems were installed in 2022 alone – an increase of more than 15,000 the year before.

How does a solar battery system work?

Hybrid solar is a grid-connected solar system with battery storage, enabling users to utilise their daytime solar power with the ability to store any excess solar power in the battery for nighttime use, all while remaining connected to the grid.

Through the daytime and in periods of sufficient sunlight, the energy loads that are operating in your home will be supplied firstly by solar energy. Any excess solar power generated will be stored in the batteries until they are fully charged. Once they reach capacity, any additional solar power can then be exported to the grid for financial credit. 

For times when you have utilised all battery-stored solar power and you are not generating solar energy due to darkness or inclement weather you will draw down electricity from the grid to power your appliances. You can also choose to connect to the grid whenever you need, for example at times when the energy rates are low to ensure you have enough stored solar power to cover you for times the grid is charging peak rates. There are even technical solutions that can do this for you automatically.

Why consider a solar battery?

If you have a home or commercial premises with high energy usage then a battery to store ‘free’ solar energy to offset any energy grid usage would make immediate financial sense. Although the upfront cost of a hybrid solar solution including a battery is higher than one without, in the long term you can expect the cost savings to pay off. Financial benefits are however by far not the only reason why people opt for solar battery storage.

Environmentally and ethically some strive to be independent of energy companies that are primarily based on fossil fuels. A greater awareness of sustainability and the measured negative impacts of traditional energy sources have seen consumers choose more environmentally-friendly energy solutions, as they try to minimise their carbon footprint.

‘For most people, it’s not just an economic decision, but also an environmental one, and for some it’s an expression of their wish to be independent of energy companies.’

For others, solar batteries offer protection from energy grid blackouts; an opportunity to maximise the returns from their solar panel investment and/or a chance to embrace new technologies.

How we can help you choose the right solar solution

At Mega Watt Power, we are proud to provide the best solar solution for your circumstances. We understand that everyone’s energy usage requirements differ and as such we can assist you in finding the right energy solution for you, whether that be on-grid, off-grid, or hybrid solar.

Connect with us today for advice on the best solar power solution for your needs. Contact Us or give us a call on 02 6652 9700 to receive free specialist advice. We can guide you through the options and make recommendations on the most appropriate solution for you, your home, or business.

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