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Debunking the Top 5 Myths of Solar Power. And telling some home truths.

Today, sustainability isn’t just an option but a necessity. Solar power emerges as a guiding light toward a greener future. Yet, amid all the enthusiasm, misunderstandings, half-truths, and myths often overshadow decisions. Megawatt Power’s mission is to cut through the jargon, dispel myths and empower Australians with the truth about solar power.

Myth 1: All Solar Products Are Created Equal

There’s a prevailing myth that all solar panels and inverters are cut from the same cloth, offering uniform quality and performance. However, reality couldn’t be further from the truth. While the market is flooded with options, not all products shine equally bright. At Megawatt Power, we urge our clients to look beyond surface-level marketing and prioritise products with robust aftercare and dependable warranty support. It isn’t just about making a purchase; it’s an investment in peace of mind and the future. 

We hold ourselves to the highest standards set by the Clean Energy Council, ensuring that each product meets stringent benchmarks for quality and reliability. By partnering exclusively with industry-leading manufacturers renowned for their reliability and performance, we’re committed to delivering solar solutions that stand the test of time. (Clean Energy Council, 2022)

Myth 2: Exported Energy Equals High Earnings

Another persistent myth suggests exporting surplus energy to the grid is a ticket to easy money. While it’s true that homeowners can earn credits for their contributions, the reality is far less dazzling.

Export rates often fall short of expectations, and limitations are placed based on local transformer capacity. That means limitations are in place to stabilise the grid and prevent overloading. If multiple households in the same area export energy simultaneously, strict limits may be imposed. Understanding these nuances is vital to managing your expectations and optimising solar energy usage. (Solar Choice, 2022)

Myth 3: Government Rebates Are Constant

At the point of writing, many Australians believe that current government rebates for solar installations remain steady over time. However, the truth paints a different picture. The Australian government offers a Small-scale Technology Certificate (STC) rebate to incentivise solar adoption, with the value dwindling annually. Delaying your solar journey to next year could mean missing out on substantial savings as the rebate diminishes. Seizing the current rates by investing sooner rather than later is paramount to maximising your solar investment. (Australian Government, n.d.)

Myth 4: Solar Power Is Only Effective in Sunny Climates

The enduring half-truth that solar power is exclusively suited to sun-drenched locations overlooks significant strides in solar tech. While sunny regions boast optimal conditions, modern solar solutions thrive in diverse weather conditions. Solar panels can harness and convert energy even on overcast days or in areas with less sunlight. With advancements in efficiency and storage technology, homeowners can harness the sun’s power to slash and shrink their carbon footprint regardless of the weather outside. (EnergySage, n.d.)

Myth 5: Solar Power Is Too Expensive

Costs often loom large as a deterrent to embracing solar power. However, in reality, the facts tell a different story. Thanks to government incentives and advancements in financing options, the upfront costs of solar installations have plummeted in recent years — making it more affordable than ever for Australians considering the switch to a sustainable solution. In some instances, our solar costs are usually half of what Americans pay. (Distilled, 2003) 

Dispelling the myths surrounding solar power is paramount to driving informed decision-making and hastening the transition to renewable energy. Armed with a clear understanding of solar technology, homeowners can make choices that bolster their bottom line and benefit the planet we call home. At, we’re committed to arming our clients with accurate information and reliable solutions to harness the boundless potential of solar energy. Reach out to us today to embark on your solar journey and embrace a brighter, more sustainable future.