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Commercial Solar Projects: Gowings Coffs Central 

Mega Watt Power recently installed the solar shade system on the top level of the Coffs Central shopping centre rooftop car park. The $1.4million investment, represents a significant step towards Coffs Central becoming a carbon neutral shopping centre. 

What has been installed at Coffs Central?

In Summer 2024, Mega Watt Power installed solar shades above car parking spaces on the rooftop level of the car park. These solar panels will produce just under 400kW providing enough electricity to power both the lighting and air conditioning systems through the day (Gowings).

gowings goes solar
Mega Watt Power solar installation at Coffs Central in 2024.

What are the benefits of solar for Coffs Central?

Weather permitting, this solar installation should support the centre house power to be self sustaining during daytime hours, and significantly reduce the need for grid power during summer when the air conditioning uses the most energy.

The system will reduce Gowings emissions by approximately 497.1 tons of carbon per year, the equivalent of planting 94,204 trees. Over 10 years this adds up to almost 1 million trees, or the equivalent of a 20,000 acre forest providing oxygen for 2 million people.

Another benefit is that the solar panels themselves have been installed to act as a shade above the car parking spaces, providing both shade on sunny days and some weather protection when raining. An added bonus to all Gowings employees and customers that like to park on the rooftop.

The Shoreline luxury retirement living in Coffs Harbour will feature solar panels installed by Mega Watt Power once completed.

Other local commercial solar projects

MegaWatt have also installed solar at Park Beach Plaza & Home Base Coffs Harbour, the new retirement development, Shoreline as well as multiple other commercial premises across Australia. From government offices and health facilities to clubs and retail centres, MegaWatt provides solutions for businesses to save on energy costs, developing greener credentials and ultimately help businesses on their journey to become more sustainable and ideally carbon neutral.

The largest commercial solar installation on NSW Mid North Coast was completed by Mega Watt Power at Park Beach Plaza, Coffs Harbour in 2018.

Coffs Park Beach Plaza was the largest solar installation on the NSW Mid & North Coasts, when 1,679 solar panels were installed on the rooftop in 2018. Delivering a bank of 554kW of power, equivalent to powering 116 local homes, the $1.3m investment was implemented with the view of achieving a return on the investment within 4-5 years.

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Commercial solar panel installation

Park Beach Plaza, Coffs Harbour – Carpark Installation

Thousands of companies across New South Wales have installed solar in recent years, transforming the way they do business. By utilising the roofspace of your commercial premises, you can reduce both your energy costs and your carbon impact.

A reduced reliance on grid power, can protect your operational budget from energy volatility, plus with business solar grants, installing solar can be a smart financial move that not only enhances your sustainability efforts but also provides long-term stability for your business’s energy needs.

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